Portable Garage For A Boat

portable garage

This is a12 by 24 vinyl siding single car garage. It’s available right now, but we can also build any other size that you might need and deliver it to. You fully assembled: it comes with a floor 12 inch on center pressure treated floor, joists as well as a v600 5/8 inch plywood floor, nice, heavy duty structure.

It comes with two windows, there, 24 by 36, and they open their single hung. They have screens and shutters. Also includes a nine by seven pretty standard size, overhead garage door in almond, as well as a steel slab door in birch wood.

So it all matches nicely. The vinyl siding is wicker with sandstone beige, aluminum trim, really a pretty garage and it’ll. Complement any property very neutral colors, but of course we can build you any other size that you might need thanks for watching.

Long. Take a look over here. We’ll, see that solid residential door on this on in that 2 by 3 window. Now this is vertical z-metal. You can get this in a LP, smartside painted or urethane finish or t 111.

If you like, walk up inside here, we do have that large skid plate on the edge of your building here, so that’ll, protect the edge of your building from getting damaged there’s, the roll-up door. Now this one does come equipped with three shelves on the backside of the building, that’s, one of many options or offered by Dirk’s and portable buildings.

You can also do work benches. We can add additional Shopville doors, additional windows – if you like there’s, that two by three window there. Those windows can come in two by three three and three by three four single pane for your thermal pane windows.

We have 2 by 5, 2 by 3, 3 by 3 and 3 by 5. Those are actually double pane windows. We can do spray foam insulation and there’s that solid residential door. There we can do electrical packages. The basic package is five hundred and fifty dollars.

We can add, plugs to that. That basic package does for interior plugs a 100 amp breaker box with two breakers, all the wiring and a light bass with a light switch and we can add plugs for you. We can do exterior GFI’s.

Interior GFI’s. 2 20s. We can upgrade the interior breaker box to 200 amp. The floor in here is the 5/8 coated tongue-and-groove shed floor. That is at no charge. We can also do a 5/8 inch treated plywood floor at no charge or we can do a 3/4 inch.

Lp legacy subfloor another option offered by Dirksen. There you go now, as you can see, on the Zee metal construction. We have those vertical panels on the exterior. We have sheathing and then the interior two by fours, those are actually 16 inch on center and a portable garage frame.

Also your floor. Joists are actually 12 on center and you can add those 12 inch on center floor joists in any Dirksen building. If you like, as an option, we walk back out here there’s that skip late again.

I’m, go over here to the price sheet, just to show you that we can do a cash sale on this building. Also Dirksen does offer a 36 or 60 month rent to own, basically a simple process: a picture ID of some sort, two personal references name address and phone numbers and your first monthly payment, and that’s.

Take one more look at this beautiful see, metal, building, walk out back this way we can’t position, those doors and windows anywhere you like on the building also.

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